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Lady McBath “Triple support”

Luxury Bathtub Pillow

Lady McBath’s “Triple support” pillow, Protects your head, neck & shoulders, allowing you To lay back and let the stress of the day, melt away…

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Lady McBath “Breathable”

3D Air Mesh Bath Pillow

Lady McBath’s “Breathable” ergonomic pillow, made of technologically advanced 3D Air Mesh plush fabric in a gentle & knit design…

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Universal Fit

Our bath pillows fit any size bathtub, jacuzzi, or hot tub .

Powerful Grip

6 strong suction cups keep the bath cushion in place, no slipping

Breathable Fabric

3D Air Mesh technology fabric is extremely durable, dries quickly, and resists odors.

Easy Clean

machine wash and dry on gentle for a deep clean or Rinse and hang to dry with the convenient built-in hook.


Group 441

Soft and comfortable
I have had blowup pillows in the past but this Lady McBath pillow is way more comfortable. It is soft and padded and the white color goes perfectly with my bathroom decor. The six large suction cups hold it in place securely. It is great to relax in the tub. It came with an additional mesh sponge which is nice. In addition it can be machine washed and just need to air dry after being used. I am pleased with my choice!

Elle D

Group 441

Perfect for Relaxing
This is a very nice bath pillow. If you enjoy taking baths, a pillow is a must. It has suction cups on the back side of the pillow so that you can lay back and not worry about the pillow rising to the surface or needing to hold it down. It stays on fairly well.
It's soft and comfortable. The size is not small. It's a good size for a standard bath tub. It also has flaps on either side that let your shoulders have some cushion as well. It's nice to feel the pillow instead of the cold porcelain.
It also has a plastic hanger on top that I use to let it dry. I just leave it overnight and then take it down and put away. It does retain a lot of water so you'll need to let it hang somewhere that it can stay for a few hours.

Arielle Bartlett

Group 441

Almoadilla para la tina.
Comienzo diciendo que me encantó, en mi hogar tengo 2 tipos de regaderas, tina y ducha en losetas, y me encantó porqué la almoadilla me funciona perfectamente en ambos baños. Es una almoadilla cómoda para tomar un momento de relajación en la bañera y es tan cómoda, que sientes como si estuvieras en un spa. Además es fácil de guardar lo puedes colgar fácilmente dónde desees para que se seque. Es un tipo de almoadilla transpirable lo que permite que seque más rápido.


Group 441

My bathtub is a little long for me to relax and this makes it just right.very comfortable Im back to tell you that you must remove it everytime for it to dry completely. I had another one that I didnt have to do that but I thought I could save a little money with this one. Please remove it from the tub or mold will build up! I know they say not to use bleach but I put a little in alot of water and it cleaned up good!


Group 441

So Relaxing

Love this pillow. Fits different edges of tubs and so comfy when you need to relax. Washable but would recommend putting in lingerie wash bag. Will buy again if and when the need arises

Traci Redding

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