Lady McBath


Is this pillow made of foam?

No. It's made of 3D air mesh textile.

Does the pillow dry quickly after use?

Yes. for best results please hang to dry in an airy space.

How does the pillow stay in place and not slip?

The pillow has 6 high quality suction cups. 2 on the upper panel, and 4 on the lower panel.

How do I install the pillow in my tub?

Press the pillow onto the smooth surface, while applying a good amount of pressure on the stitching of each suction cup. make sure the air is pressed out.

Does the pillow fit any tub?

It fits most tubs. the suction cups need a smooth surface to attach to.

Is the pillow mold and mildew resistant?

make sure to clean your bath pillow regularly to prevent the build up of mold and mildew. always allow the pillow to dry properly after washing or use.

How do I remove the pillow after use?

Remove the pillow by gently pulling up the edge of the suction cups.Do not pull by force!

How do I clean the pillow?

Rinse and dry after each use, can be washed by a washing machine separate in cold & gentle cycle

Can the pillow be washed in a washing Machine?

yes, separate, in a gentle & cold cycle, 

Can the pillow be put in the dryer ?

yes. on low heat & gentle cycle.

does the pillow support the neck?

A: the 2 panel design offer a support for both neck and shoulders

Is this an inflatable (blow-up) cushion?

No, the bath pillow is not inflatable. It is made out of an antibacterial and anti-mold 3D washable mesh material.