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6 tips for perfect bathtub


We are huge fans of taking 20-30 minutes at the end of the day to relax and soak in a nice and hot bath. It’s necessary to designate some quiet time to yourself each day, or as often as possible, to destress and detoxify. A bath is an easy and luxurious way to treat yourself to some well-deserved solitude, especially when you add in the extra goodies to make it like your own personal spa. Follow these 6 tips for ultimate relaxation…

  1. Set the mood. Start by lighting a couple of your favorite candles and gather all your bathing essentials in one spot.
  2. Make sure the temperature is right. It all comes down to preference, but I like it just hot enough that the water stings just a bit when getting in. A little on the toasty side means it’ll stay perfectly warm for the duration of your bath.
  3. Comfort. Relax with your own luxury Lady McBath spa pillow for the bathtub that supports your head, neck, and back while you soak the day away.
  4. Supplement your soak. Depending on your needs, add in a few supplements to your bath. Add a couple drops of essential oils. It can be great for skin needs and can help you sleep or feel energized, depending on the type you select. Of course, if the skin needs a little extra hydration, I add in milk bath or a touch of coconut oil.
  5. Always double fist. It’s super important to stay hydrated since your body will be prone to sweating out toxins. Always drink an entire glass of water while in the bath. That being said, I also keep a little mood setting drink nearby. If you really trying to detox. For most nights, it’s wine or whiskey.
  6. The right read. Whatever you do, stay unplugged. Instead of using your phone, grab your favorite book or magazine and relax.

Make sure you take that relaxation with you when you leave the bathroom. Lather yourself up with a great moisturizer after getting out of the bath and wrap up in a cozy robe.

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