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Best ways to relax

Best ways to relax

6 unbeatable relaxation techniques

Stress is a “normal psychological and physical reaction to the demands of life” (according to the Mayo Clinic), and measured amounts of stress are actually good, even necessary – stress keeps us alert, motivated, and ready to react to danger. However, deadlines at work, heavy traffic, being “always on and connected”, and now COVID 19, can lead to excessive, very unhealthy levels of stress and severe medical issues, including sleep depravation, depression, weight gain or loss, and headaches.

To counter this tension and anxiety we need to find ways to de-stress, in other words, relax. How? A simple web search yields thousands of results and untold numbers of techniques. The most common methods include meditation, massage, exercise, deep breathing, and yoga. Here, we’ve decided to focus on a few highly effective, but slightly less well-known ways to relax, and on one that, perhaps, tops all other methods, a warm bath.

Rest and relief, here we come

Get creative – Do something artistic

Painting a picture, sculpting a sculpture, or writing a story, all of these get your creative juices flowing and expend positive energy, allowing you to disconnect from the trials and troubles of day-to-day life and bask in a feeling of accomplishment. Countless studies have show that such activity releases stress and imbues a sense of calm and well-being.

Get your muscles to work and relax – Progressive muscle relaxation

Have you ever felt that sensation of extra relaxation in a muscle that you’ve just used? Well, it turns out that by intentionally flexing and relaxing each of the muscle groups in your body, you can create a general feeling of relaxation. The broad consensus is to begin with your toes, tensing your toe muscles for 5 seconds, slowly relaxing them for up to 30 seconds, and working your way up to your face and head.

Get those tunes playing – Play music you like

Whether is be classical, jazz, pop, hip-hop or country (probably not death-metal), we’ve all experienced zoning out when listening to music we love. Research has shown that such experiences help us to better deal with anxiety and stress. So, take a break, ask Siri or Alexa to load up your playlist, sit back, and relax.

Get your nose ready – Try aromatherapy

It’s not only our ears that can help us relax… It’s well-established that smell receptors in the nose connect to our brains’ emotions center. Scents impact everything from our choice in food to our choice of partners, and yes, certain scents help us relax, including lavender, jasmine, vanilla, and citrus.

Get some time away from others – Be alone for a bit.

Much of the day, many of us are in the company of others, even if not directly (e.g., in your cubicle at work). No matter how much we like those surrounding us, such company creates some level of stress. As such, taking some alone time, in and of itself, helps you relieve tension, while also affording you an opportunity to engage in other relaxation techniques.

A warm bath – bubbling with stress relief

And that brings us to the queen of all relaxation techniques, her royal highness, the warm or hot bath. There’s not really much to say, as everyone who’s ever taken a long, leisurely soak in tepid water knows well the warm, fuzzy calm that washes over their bodies and minds. But don’t take our word for it. The Cleveland Clinic has this to say about why we should take a bath (slightly abbreviated from the original):

  • Warm baths improve mental and emotional health
  • Candlelight, soothing music, and sweet smells: Done right, a bath can be the ultimate in self-care.
  • “Baths help many people sleep well… create a good environment for meditation, thought and escape from everyday stressors.”
  • Some research also shows that a 30-minute bath at 104 Fahrenheit … improves depression. Warm baths are also linked to decreases in stress hormones.

The benefits of a warm bath go on and on, and most of them are somehow related to relaxation. Moreover, as previously suggested, a bath goes perfectly with other methods of relaxation. For example, you can meditate, listen to music, and, of course, be alone while in the bath. On top of all this, to create full relaxation you shall add accessories like a comfortable bath Pillow. For example, using a Lady McBath luxury bath pillow will help amplify the effects of all of the above. Lady McBath is used as a bath pillow for tub neck and back support.

So, what are you waiting for? Slip into your tub, recline on one of our spa pillows, and enjoy the release from the day’s pressures. It is also a great gift for woman and your beloved ones.